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The firm handles all legal issues related to family building, including:


Collaborative Reproduction

The firm enjoys a national reputation in the area of collaborative reproduction, and has provided counsel on a wide range of legal issues, including both anonymous and identified egg donor and donor insemination arrangements, gestational surrogacy and traditional forms of surrogacy, and embryo donation. Desai & Miller advises clients considering these options about their legal rights and responsibilities, prepares and negotiates contracts for them, works with other responsible professionals providing services, and handles any administrative and court proceedings necessary to legally recognize these arrangements. 

Reproductive Technology Consulting

As the practice of reproductive technology becomes more complex and competitive, medical and other professionals increasingly require up to the minute advice on issues affecting their practice, including regulatory developments, practice standards, risk management concerns, and program development.

Desai & Miller is frequently consulted by physicians, labs and professional groups about legal, ethical, and practical issues related to collaborative reproduction, embryo disposition, informed consent, insurance coverage and other practice areas. The firm also serves as consulting counsel in selected cases, and is available to assist with aspects of trial and/or appellate work related to reproductive technology issues.

Adoptions & Parentage Orders

Desai & Miller provides legal services related to adoptions and parentage orders advisable to secure legal relationships between parents and children in connection with assisted reproductive technology arrangements. 

Estate Planning

As an added service, Desai & Miller provides estate planning legal services in some circumstances. 

Surrogacy arrangements require that the surrogate and the intended parents have wills and /or other estate planning documents in place in the event of the death or incapacity of any of the participants before the birth of the child. 


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